M&N HEALTHCARE provide 24-7 LIVE-IN CARE for anyone who wants to live independently in their own home but needs a extra support for young adult and over 65 across the UK, all our care work are highly qualified and experience. M&N HEALTHCARE deliver three levels of service; Companionship Housekeeping and Personal Care. M&N HEALTHCARE is your first choice when it comes to LIVE-IN CARE  

Live-in Carers You'll Love.

Live-in care gives your loved one full-time support and care, in the comfort of their own home. We will match your loved one with a qualified Care Professional who shares their interests and has the relevant experience to care for their needs, to guarantee that they are the happiest, healthiest, most independent version of themselves.

LIVE-IN CARE is the full-time home care alternative to moving into a care home. Arranging live in care provides peace of mind for all the family and combines one-to-one care with the independence of life at home.